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In addition to traditional strip wax, we offer sugaring which can be a milder more hygienic treatment for those with sensitive skin. This method can also be used in sensitive areas.

The ancient middle-eastern practice uses a gel-like paste made from sugar and water to remove hair from the root leaving a smooth supple feel for up to six weeks.

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Hair Removal

Please enquire for Laser Hair Removal

Waxing or Sugaring Threading
Eyebrow Shape £6  £4
Upper Lip/Chin £3 £3
Side of Face £7 £7
Neck or Forehead
£4 £5
Full Face £14 £14
1/2 Arms £8
3/4 Arms £10
Full Arms £12
Underarms £6
1/2 Legs £11
3/4 Legs
Full Legs
Full Legs + Bikini
Bikini Line
Extended Bikini
Brazilian £20
Hollywood £25
Stomach £10
Full Back
Buttocks £10
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Patch test 24/48hr before this treatment is required

Eyebrow £8
Eyelash £12
Eyebrow + Eyelash £16
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