A regular Manicure or Pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance. Helping the nail grow and stay strong. At Tip and Toe we offer a range of Manicures and Pedicures including OPI Polish, Bio Sculpture Gel Nails and Shellac Gel Polish.

OPI Nails

Beautiful nails at your fingertips. Choose from our wide range of OPI colours to make your hands and feet look and feel great.

Hands Price
File and polish £10
Manicure £20
Feet Price
File and Polish £10
Pedicure £28

Bio Sculpture Gel

Experience the revelation of Bio Sculpture Gels healthier alternative to Nail care. A non-chip salon treatment that cures to a strong and flexible, glossy finish that strengthens and protects the natural nail with colour that lasts up to 3 weeks.

Price French Price
Bio Manicure £30 £35
Bio Pedicure £35 £40
Soak off £10


Give yourself the freedom to wear your favourite colour for 14 days with no damage upon removal with our Shellac Manicures and Pedicures. No chipping, No drying time.

Price French Price
Shellac Manicure £25 £27
Shellac Pedicure £30 £32

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